Chemotherapy Waste Disposal Service

WasteSafe is licensed and permitted to provide a variety of chemotherapy waste transport and disposal services. We offer scheduled and on-call pick-up services to properly remove your chemotherapy waste.

Several chemotherapy drugs are considered to be hazardous, chemical waste. If your medical facility provides chemotherapy treatments, you will certainly produce chemotherapy waste that should be handled and disposed of by a qualified specialist. In short, this waste is referred to as any material that makes connection with an agent that kills or halts the formation of malignant cells. Our disposal solutions make an otherwise tricky matter simple and stress-free for your facility. With WasteSafe you can have peace of mind in knowing that our approach to chemotherapy waste disposal is fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

All medical operations result in some variation of waste, however, one medical procedure generates a significantly higher amount; the process of chemotherapy. In fact chemotherapy produces some of the most hazardous waste in the medical industry, and therefore must be handled and disposed of effectively. While not always infectious, chemotherapy waste is generally quite toxic and corrosive which can damage our natural resources when disposed of improperly. At WasteSafe we are trained to differentiate and recognize the different types of chemotherapy waste, as some are classified as hazardous or general medical waste.

Chemotherapy drugs that should be disposed of as hazardous waste include:

  • Trisenox or (generic) Arsenic Trioxide
  • Leukeran (generic) Chlorambucil
  • Cytoxan, Neosar (generic) Cyclophosphamide
  • Daunorubicin, Cerubidin, DaunoXome, Rubidomycin (generic) Daunomycin
  • DES, Stilphostrol (generic) Diethystilbestrol
  • Alkeran, L-PAM (generic) Melphalan
  • Mitomycin, Mutamycin (generic) Mitomycin C
  • Streptozocin, Zanosar (generic) Streptozotocin
  • Uramustine (generic) Uracil Mustard

There are two distinct forms of chemotherapy waste; bulk and trace:

Bulk Chemotherapy Waste

This waste is generated from any chemotherapy drugs or material that is included as part of the treatment process and is not deemed empty. Such material might also refer to unused medications, vials, tubing and syringes. Items such as gloves, gowns, and masks that are used by healthcare professionals are also categorized as bulk chemotherapy waste. These items that are bulk must be treated as hazardous and be disposed of in proper waste containers for safe disposal. WasteSafe will ensure this hazardous chemotherapy waste is handled securely and according to legislative regulations.

Trace Chemotherapy Waste

This form of chemotherapy waste refers to drugs, vials or other material that has only residual amounts left over. To be considered trace waste, the item needs to have less than 3 percent of their volume; these items may include vials, empty IV bags, or syringes. This percentage changes depending on individual state and local legislation, so always make sure you are familiar with and understand your state’s classification of trace prior to the disposal of these items stemming from the administering or results of the chemotherapy process.
It is crucial that you are also dealing with controlled materials that can also be prominent with chemotherapy treatment. Patients often require strong painkillers that will need proper disposal following the process. Under specific regulations, this medication must also be taken care of immediately; WasteSafe will look after the handling of your chemotherapy waste from the collection process, through until safe disposal. You can rest assured that our method is environmentally safe and cost-effective.

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Scheduled Pick-up Services

Will you require regular collection of chemotherapy waste? WasteSafe supplies easy and dependable pickup services from your location, on a schedule you determine. Our specialists come to your facility and safely remove all waste, eliminating this unpleasant and often challenging task, from you. We will segregate, label, and dispose of this material according to industry standards, ensuring your full compliance. To customize your scheduled service, please contact our team. We make the disposal of your waste a simple process, and as licensed professionals, our fully trained and skilled team is more than capable of handling the safe transportation and disposal of your chemotherapy waste.

On-call Pick-up Services

When generated on an occasional basis, customers can opt for our on-call pick-up service solution instead. This service operates as our scheduled collection; the only difference being, collection takes place when you request it. Don’t leave this waste piling up as there is health and legal concerns at stake; contact our trained professionals to assist with proper removal. Providing timely service is our primary focus, and we will be at your facility immediately to transport your chemotherapy waste safely. Our on-call pick-up services are offered 24/7 for your convenience.

WasteSafe provides customized and efficient medical waste solutions to a variety of industries. Through the proper handling and managing of your medical waste paired with our expertise of the industry, your facility or business will have peace of mind in knowing our solutions maintains your compliance. We work diligently to remove the challenges associated with medical waste disposal, and in an effort to serve you better, regulatory training is offered to all of our clients as an additional service to ensure you have the knowledge needed for the management of your medical waste.

At WasteSafe, we will give you the products and resources you need to take the right safety steps in the handling of your medical waste, while our professional team looks after the rest. Our clients include medical practices, pharmaceutical & biotech, dentist offices, veterinary clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and small businesses. As a single source provider of regulated environmental waste services, we manage biohazardous, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste streams.

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Keep your staff and clients protected from potential exposure to blood and other infectious substances, with secure and legal disposal of your medical waste. Our solutions are convenient, flexible and 100% compliant so you can continue your attention on business matters.