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WasteSafe is licensed and permitted to provide a variety of medical waste transport and disposal services. We offer scheduled and on-call pick-up services to properly remove your medical waste, also known as red bag waste.

All industries including nursing facilities need to remember how crucial it is to properly dispose of waste; specifically medical waste components that could be harmful if thrown away you’re your regular waste stream.

Skilled Nursing Homes typically produce many variations of waste so it’s important to establish a disposal plan that takes into consideration legal compliance and regulatory requirements pertaining to the nursing industry.

WasteSafe will work with you to determine what waste you are generating and how it should be handled and disposed of. A management and disposal program is critical to the general health and wellbeing of the public and of course, our environment. Due to the fact that your waste requires unique packaging, storage, shipment protocol, and treatment, you can turn to our waste collection and disposal services. At WasteSafe, our professional solutions take this stress away from you, ridding of waste in a compliant and safe manner.

Some of the most common waste types within nursing homes include the following:

  • Regulated medical waste (including potentially infectious disposable gloves, masks, and robes from isolation rooms).
  • Expired medications and other pharmaceutical waste

If your nursing home administers procedures that involve blood such as giving shots, you are legally obligated to follow the necessary regulations that dictate medical waste disposal. For instance, sharps must be placed in corresponding sharps containers and anything that has been affected by blood must be disposed of in red bag waste. Failing to follow these procedures may leave your nursing facility susceptible to fines and other non-compliance consequences.

We Will Customize a Service Plan to Dispose of Your Nursing Facility Waste:

  • Infectious waste such as sharps
  • Hazardous items like acids, sanitizers, lead vests etc
  • Trace chemotherapy waste
  • Universal waste like devices containing mercury, batteries and fluorescent bulbs

If you have concerns and/or questions relating to the types of waste your nursing home produces, we are here and available to assist with this process.

Why Should Your Skilled Nursing Facility Choose WasteSafe?

  • Exceptional customer service paired with industry leading waste disposal solutions
  • Specialized waste containers and red bags for convenient and easy disposal that also maintains your compliance
  • Your nursing facility decides how often waste will be collected – a schedule is determined ahead of time and we will never tie you into long-term contracts. Costs are given openly and upfront with no extra costs down the road
  • Committed team of specialists you can rely on. Each of our team members receives regular training and are background checked for your security
  • Our professionals will look after all applicable paperwork related to regulatory information

Employee Compliance Training

To ensure full compliance in relation to regulatory training, nursing facilities must undergo the proper compliance training. WasteSafe supplies this compliance training as an additional service; we will offer support and assistance in understanding the processes your employees must follow in relation to OSHA and HIPAA. All of your staff will have the expertise and knowledge necessary to practice safe and compliant disposal of your skilled nursing facility. You’ll no longer have to wonder or stress over what is deemed hazardous waste or the method in which specific mater should be disposed of. We provide training on the latest industry standards, keeping you up-to-date and informed on smart waste management.

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