Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

WasteSafe is licensed and permitted to provide a variety of medical waste transport and disposal services. We offer scheduled and on-call pick-up services to properly remove your medical waste, also known as red bag waste.

As with all practices, pharmaceutical practices face several laws in relation to waste disposal laws; in particular, hazardous pharmaceutical waste is a concern that is rapidly growing, and it’s important to note that while the bulk of this waste includes expired pharmaceuticals, there is more to consider.

At WasteSafe our pharmaceutical container solutions make it easy to manage and dispose of pharmaceutical waste. Improper disposal of hazardous pharmaceuticals means they will likely wind up entering our water sources or landfills, reaching the soil which is a clear environmental risk. Failing to comply with proper disposal means you could risk facing some heavy financial penalties, so it’s critical that your pharmaceutical practice understands all applicable regulations and follows each accordingly.

This disposal process relates to any pharmaceutical that a facility no longer needs.

We will never obligate clients to long-term contracts; in fact, we pride ourselves on providing immediate pricing upfront, with no surprise fees down the road. It is our priority to remain transparent with our clients about our services and costs, so you can rest assured what we estimate is what you will pay. Customizing a pharmaceutical disposal program with WasteSafe is the first step in keeping our environment and the general public, protected and safe.

We Will Customize a Service Plan to Dispose of Your Pharmaceutical Waste:

    • Pharmaceutical Waste that is expired, unused or rejected
    • De-Natured Narcotics
    • Liquid or Solid Wastes
    • We provide pharmaceutical bins required by law for approved disposal.

We work with you to design a pharmaceutical waste disposal program that assistance in regulatory compliance, and also limits the risks that pertain to the handling of dangerous compounds. Our experienced team of professionals is available to you to supply technical expertise, direction and services to help you dispose of your pharmaceutical waste effectively, ensuring to follow specific legislative requirements throughout. When you partner with WasteSafe, you will receive immediate collection, transportation and prompt disposal of your pharmaceutical waste.

Why Should Your Pharmaceutical Practice Choose WasteSafe?

        • Quality and friendly customer service that is performed efficiently in a reasonable time frame
        • Suitable waste containers and red bags for correct and compliant disposal of all pharmaceutical waste
        • Collection schedule determined by your needs and budget. You decide how frequently your pharmaceutical waste will require pick-up and disposal
        • Dedicated industry experts who are knowledgeable and background checked to offer you with the best waste disposal solutions available
        • Our professionals will look after all applicable paperwork associated with regulatory matters

Employee Compliance Training

Compliance and regulatory training is an optional service offered to you in an effort to supply you with the necessary information and resources to properly manage your pharmaceutical waste. Stay up-to-date on the latest policies pertaining to proper waste disposal and our environment.


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