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If you are the owner and operator of a dental practice, you are likely aware of the mercury issue that virtually impacts every dental office across North America. Environmental Protection Agency statistics reported that dental offices were responsible for nearly 50% of the mercury contamination in publically owned treatment works.

Like all medical waste, dental waste needs to be handled and disposed of safely to avoid non-compliance as well as health and environmental risks. We know that dental offices can get hectic seeing so many clients throughout the day, and performing cleanings, crowns, root canals and x-rays can take up the majority of your attention. The challenge is what to do with the hazardous waste that is left over as a result.

We Will Customize a Service Plan to Dispose of Your Dental Waste:

  • Amalgam waste
  • Blood (liquid, dried, or dripping)
  • X-ray Fixer/ Waste Containing Silver
  • Chemicals, Disinfectants, Sterilizing Agents
  • Sharps

WasteSafe provides your dental practice with the disposal solutions required to handle your waste. Specialized containers and red bags are provided to your dental office ensuring all potentially harmful waste is safely discarded with no chance of exposure to the public and our environment. Based on your particular needs, we’ll cultivate a pick-up and collection schedule that is convenient for your dental office. Dental waste risks harming our environment when safe disposal is neglected; don’t risk this regulatory process as failing to do so can leave you vulnerable to non-compliance fines and it can also be harmful to your dental practice’s reputation.

Why Should Your Dental Office Choose WasteSafe?

  • Exceptional customer service that is backed by quality disposal solutions
  • Selection of waste containers and red bags for easy and compliant disposal of all dental waste
  • Collection schedule is directly based on your requirements – no long-term contracts required and all costs are upfront
  • Committed and skilled industry experts you can depend on. All of our specialists receive ongoing training and are background checked for additional peace of mind
  • Our professionals will look after all applicable paperwork associated with regulatory details

Employee Compliance Training

Compliance training is provided by WasteSafe to prepare you with the knowledge and practices necessary to manage your dental waste appropriately. We will keep you current on all regulatory components, providing you with the latest policies on dental waste disposal.


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